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We are the Sage-Steppe Habitat Response (Sage-SHARE)  working group dedicated to creating products for land managers which address complex landscape scale issues. Our key partners include Oregon State University, USDA Agricultural Research Service, The Nature Conservancy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Sagebrush ecosystems in the northern Great Basin face landscape scale threats including encroaching juniper, altered fire regimes and invasive annual grasses. The sageSHARE partnership, working in collaboration with other stakeholders, developed a simplified framework to help land managers assess and monitor these threats at large scales. By mapping out different ecological states on a pasture, ranch or allotment, identifying their level of risk, and estimating how those states might change, managers can choose appropriate management actions.

This framework is currently in use on hundreds of thousands of acres of private and public land, and now sageSHARE presents peer-reviewed resources published through the Pacific Northwest Extension Catalog. The larger Manager’s guide provides the science and details behind the Threat Based Land Management framework, while the field guide is designed specifically for use in the field as a quick reference guide, and is printed on folded water-resistant paper.

SageSHARE products

Threat-Based Land Management in the Northern Great Basin: A Manager’s Guide

Threat-Based Land Management in the Northern Great Basin: A Field Guide

Coming late 2019/early 2020:

Online web based training for threat-based land management

360 degree photo examples of states in the threat models

In the field training

Management examples

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