TBLM Interactive Tool

Learn the Ecostates and Transitions

Click the button above to access an online interactive of the decision tree found on the back of the Field Guide. This interactive tools allows you to to walk (click) through the different ecostates designated by the Threat Based Land Management Framework and get an understanding for how risk factors and conservation measures can lead to transitions from one state to another. To start exploring the activity, click on one of the photos of a state, such as state A. You will be taken to an example photo of rangeland in that state, and you can click on buttons representing conservation measures, or risk factors, such as high severity fire, to see where they might take you. For example, in State A, if you click on high severity fire, the interactive will take you to State D with the Invasive Annual Grass Threat. Click the home icon on the bottom center of the screen to return to the Decision Tree Home Page.

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