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The Field Guide

Threat-Based Land Management in the Northern Great Basin: A Field Guide

Advancing Sage-steppe Conservation

The SageSHARE partnership, based in Burns, Oregon is proud to release this Field Guide as our latest tool supporting conservation in sage-steppe habitats across the Northern Great Basin.

Building on our Manager’s Guide to Assessing Sage-Grouse Habitat released in 2016, the Field Guide refines, consolidat

es and beautifully illustrates the threat-based land management approach. The guide walks practitioners through a six-step process to understand, identify and efficiently manage invasive annual grasses and encroaching conifer woodlands on large landscapes.

The Field Guide was designed with the field in mind. Information is customized for field use and heavily illustrated to effectively convey complex ideas. The guide itself, at 33” x 17” when fully open, is printed on a rugged, tear-resistant and water-proof polym

er and folds down to 8½” x 11”.

On the backside, a large-format illustration helps practitioners recognize and categorize ecological threats to Great Basin plant commu

nities with both foreground detail and broad landscape patterns.

Looking ahead

With the creation of the Field Guide, we hope to extend interest in threat-based land management to new

local, state and federal partners. SageSHARE is soliciting interest in training for field-based professionals to learn how to use this approach at a variety of scales.

Additionally, we can answer questions and host demonstrations for administrative professionals needing to understand how threat-based land management supports other approaches such as Resistance and Resilience, or how it fits into a full management plan.

Field Guide Front

Field Guide Back

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